About Us

Hi! I am Paloma, mom of two beautiful children, McCartney and Luke, and wife to an amazing husband, Chris. I am a small business owner located in Roswell, GA.

When we had Luke, I decided to start this company because I could not find a pacifier clip on the market that did not have strings or beads. This was always a concern of mine with my first baby after one the beads came off of her pacifier clip.

I am passionate about my kids and their safety. I like products that are stylish, easy to clean, and safe for them to use every day. As parents, we have enjoyed our products and my children love them!

My hope is that with all other things that you have to worry about with being a parent, the products your children use will not be one of them!

Thank you for visiting our site and taking the time to get to know me and my family. It is important to know your child’s products and who you are getting them from! For that, we would like to reward you for being an informed parent. Please use code: InformedParent to receive ten percent off your next purchase.

I hope that you enjoy our products and provide us with feedback on how we can be better for you and your family!